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    3. Welcome to the official website of Huaian Chenhui Technology Co., Ltd.!
    4. Contact Us Sitemap
    5. 淮安晨暉科技有限公司

      Huaian Chenhui Technology Co., Ltd.

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      A large-scale manufacturer of pesticide intermediates and pharmaceutical intermediates, which are widely used in pesticides, pharmaceuticals, dyes and other industries.

      about CHENHUI

      A research, trade and manufacturing enterprise; Upholding such business philosophy of "honest business, mutual benefit".

      Huaian Chenhui Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Jinhu of Jiangsu Province with charming scenery and convenient transportation. Since the establishment, we have been taking "honest business, mutual benefit" as business philosophy; under the cares of old and new friends, Chenhui now has become a professional manufacturer with a certain scale, and we are mainly engaged in the research, trade and production of pesticide intermediates and pharmaceutical intermediates.

      At present, we found a production base in Baoding city of Hebei Province, with o-bromoaniline, o-dibromobenzene, o-bromophenol, o-fluorobromobenzene...

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    6. Contact: General Shen
      Phone: +86-13056011912
    7. Tel: +86-517-86861919
    8. E-mail: jianshen1977@126.com
      URL: www.mobileelevatedworkplatforms.com
    9. 備案序號:蘇ICP備19028485號
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